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Restaurant „Jeny“ is a gourmet restaurant that has been open and family run since 1986.

The two brothers that own and run the restaurant are head chef Vlado Čović and restaurant manager Milenko Čović.

„Jeny“ is situated 300 metres above sea level  in the old part of Tučepi and enjoys breathtaking views of the Channel of Hvar and the islands of Middle Dalmatia.

The restaurant is famous for its 5 course food & wine pairing menu that incorporates only the finest Croatian ingredients and best Croatian wines.

„Jeny“ is an award winning restaurant and is frequently recognized as one of the top restaurants of the  Dalmatian Coast and Croatia.



Restaurant Jeny is known for creating well designed and excellently executed 5 course menus
incorporating modern and traditional cooking techniques, accompanied with matching Croatian wines.
    To see some of our recent menus you can accesss our facebook page
    The price of the 5 course food and wine pairing menu is 695 kn. per person (595 kn. per person without wines).
If you have any food allergies or intolerance, please contact the restaurant manager at least a day in advance so the appropriate modifications can be made.
    For any further or more detailed information on the 5 course food and wine pairing menu, please don't hesitate to contact the restaurant manager.


We welcome children but ask the parents to ensure they are well behaved and that they bring something to keep them entertained.

We have daily options for children. Please consult with the staff on arrival.


At restaurant „Jeny“ we have always developed the wine list by closely following the advancements on the Croatian wine scene. We are constantly on the lookout for modern and exciting wines from a new generation of Croatian winemakers, but also remain loyal to great names and labels of the past.

The product of such a concept is an all Croatian wine list that is not over complicated but offers wines from all of Croatia's major wine regions, both coastal and continental.

This is an exciting time for the Croatian wine scene and we are happy to be a part of this positive vibe, hopefully extending this to our respected guests.


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Contact info & Transport

Annual  working  hours
08. May - 1. October
7 days a week 18.00-21.00

Restaurant „Jeny“ is a 10 minute taxi drive from both the centre of Tučepi and Makarska and about 15 minutes from Podgora.

If you would like us to organize a taxi to pick you up at your hotel or apartment, please feel free to contact us. The price of a return taxi (for up to 8 people) is around 20 euros. The taxi drivers are trusted partners of restaurant „Jeny“.

Address: Gornje Tučepi, Čovići 1, 21325 Tučepi

Restaurant manager mobile:

+385 91 587 8078

Restaurant manager e-mail:






Important Notes & FAQ

1. Does restaurant Jeny accept credit cards ?
  - Restaurant Jeny does not accept credit or debit cards. Cash payments only.

2. What is the price of the 5 course menu ?
  - The price of the 5 course food & wine pairing menu is 695 kn. per person or 595 kn. per  
     person without wines.

3. Do I need a reservation ?
  - Yes. By reservation only.

4. Is there a dress code ?
  - There is no dress code. Casual is what best suits the atmosphere at Jeny.

5. Is the taxi fare included ?
  - No. The taxi is a separate service. Restaurant Jeny only helps by organizing the pick up.

6. Does Jeny open for lunch ?
  - No. Jeny only does evening service ( one seating only ).

7. Does restaurant Jeny offer a la carte ?
  - There is no a la carte on offer. Only 5 course menus.

8. Is there a vegetarian option ?
  - Yes. There is also a 5 course vegetarian menu on offer.

9. Will the restaurant make modifications to the menu to accommodate for food allergies or  
    intolerances ?
  - Yes. Please let the restaurant manager know at least a day in advance.

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